Cycle Two: Week Twenty-Two

Image SourceHistory - We're going to review the same way we did for week 21.  If you aren't on CC Connected to find the history sentence cards, a blank illustration sheet and internet images (or history books) for inspiration would work just as well. English - Use the acronym FANBOYS to remember the list of coordinating … [Read more...]

Cycle Two – Week Fifteen

History - Copy the history sentence onto the History Sentence Picture Page for this week.  Use the picture space to draw a map blob of the countries involved in WWI.  Look for books like this one at the library.  English - Craft our own example sentences for the four purposes of sentences.  Latin - Continue using the story … [Read more...]

Cycle Two – Week Fourteen

History - Complete the History Sentence Picture Page for this week.  Check out World War 1 books from the library for independent exploration. English - We're going to "dress up" a simple sentence with adverbs through one adverb question at a time.  I haven't tried this all the way through yet, so we may need more than one sentence. :) I'm … [Read more...]

Cycle Two – Week Eleven

  History - Read The Declaration of the Rights of Man, 1789 English - Make flashcards for the pronouns using 5x7 notecards. Latin - Copy the first conjugation endings. Science - We'll continue to work on our paper mache solar system.  Maybe this will be the week to add a meteor belt to our model! Math - Print these cubes to make … [Read more...]

Cycle Two – Week Ten

History - Copy and illustrate the memory work onto a history sentence picture page.  Use images of Vladimir I, the Kremlin, and Catherine the Great to inspire their drawings.  If you're on C3, use And Here We Go's history sentence review cards.  They have great pictures! We'll also incorporate the country outline of Russia into … [Read more...]

Cycle Two – Week Eight

History - Read books about explorers.  We've found so many good ones at our local library.  Maybe even map out the routes of these explorers on one map: Dias, Amerigo Vespucci, Balboa, Magellan, and Coronado.English - Watch this simple video with a catchy song about the reflexive pronouns.Latin - Copy and recite the Latin endings.Science … [Read more...]

Cycle Two – Week Four

History - Read (probably not all of) the Magna Carta.Latin - Use the Latin pronunciation helps to practice endings.English - Have boys group themselves or things into nominative pronouns and take a picture of that pronoun example.  Each boy will take a turn reciting and photographing, so the pronoun example is from their … [Read more...]

Cycle Two – Week Two

History - Play "pass the crown" with our homemade lace crowns, as each one of us says one word of the history sentence until we have it memorized.Latin - Match the Latin endings using two copies of the Latin pronounciation helps.  All the while, we'll be reciting the endings.English - Recite the memory work together.  I'll write a … [Read more...]

Notebook Pages – Printable Links – Cycle 1 Weeks 13-24

We've studied hard this first half of the year and besides keeping school and other responsibilities going, we've added Christmas fun and illnesses to our workload lately.  But, with little bits of time scrounged together here and there, I've also been preparing for the second half of our CC calendar. Here is a list of favorite printable links … [Read more...]

Week Two – Playing with Hieroglyphics

Today we used this jpg file of hieroglyphics to write in our notebooks.  After writing his name, my oldest wanted to continue on with his brother's name.  He was really impressed with his work and enjoyed it too!  Later, he brought his notebook around to Daddy, Mom Mom, and Pop Pop to guess what the hieroglyphics spelled. … [Read more...]