Cycle Two – Week Ten

History – Copy and illustrate the memory work onto a history sentence picture page.  Use images of Vladimir I, the Kremlin, and Catherine the Great to inspire their drawings.  If you’re on C3, use And Here We Go‘s history sentence review cards.  They have great pictures! 

We’ll also incorporate the country outline of Russia into drawing using either our wall map or CC maps as examples to copy.
English –  Play Duck, Duck, Goose substituting the words “That, These, Those, THIS!”  THIS acts as GOOSE, so the tagger can repeat “that, these, those” as often as they’d like.  When they yell “THIS!” the chasing begins.
Latin – Copy the Latin first conjugation endings.  Listen to the pronunciations on the cycle two app.
Science – Make an oreo model of the phases of the moon.  Label the phases.   Probably like many of you, we don’t normally eat oreos.  I might substitute with Trader Joe’s Joe Joe’s, but you could also easily use something much healthier – like cucumber or banana slices.  The colors wouldn’t be right, but the shapes would still make the point.   

We’ll also continue work on our solar system model.
Math – Use stickers to complete a skip counting search.  Once done, the numbers will be covered, so I can practice with my littles to see what they know.
Geography –  Use our grab bag game to review points on the map.  We’ll also practice continent blobbing.

Fine Arts – Practice tin whistle!

Okay, tell the truth, are you practicing the tin whistle or are they all resting in their sleeping bags? We’ve got some time to make up.  We missed a week of CC to travel and I forgot our tin whistles the week we returned.  So we must practice at home this week! 🙂 No sleeping for our whistles.  You?

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