How To Study Science Without Really Trying

  Because I have a love of books and a desire for my children to learn, I've made a habit of purchasing the best reference books I can find and placing them around our home. As a result, I've stumbled upon how to study science without really trying. At least one or two of these great books are opened by my littles daily without any prompting … [Read more...]

My Summer Reading List

You've seen my summer plan for my littles, now here's the summer plan for me!  Between planning our CC year and having a new baby, I'm hoping to squeeze in some reading.  In no certain order, the books on my shortlist right now are...1. Carry On, Mr. Bowditch by Jean Lee Latham  This classic historical tale of Nat Bowditch occurring … [Read more...]

Book List for CC Cycle 3

My crew and I enjoy reading together a lot! I've made a book list to reference that coordinates with our upcoming Classical Conversations cycle, cycle 3.  We certainly won't be reading each of these books, but I like knowing what's available and what comes recommended from some of my favorite sources.  Getting to the library with four littles … [Read more...]

The Best Girls to Ask for Book Recommendations

Do you have any friends you wish would create their own lending library? Friends whose libraries you would frequent even more than your local library, because you trust their selections to be wonderful every time? I have a few friends like that who I rely on and I thought you might like to see what they're reading, too. Christy at Without Love … [Read more...]

Christmas Gift Ideas

A few, fun educational ideas have found their way from my Amazon wish list into my cart for Christmas presents this year.  Wanna take a peak at my list? Just don't tell my littles! ;)GeoPuzzle Jigsaw puzzles - these are amazing! The puzzle pieces are the actual shapes and approximate scale of the countries which you are building with to form … [Read more...]

Giveaway for The Question

UPDATE: Winner Angela McKeehan was randomly selected today.  Congrats, Angela! I'm excited you'll have the chance to read this before entering Challenge next year.  Thanks to everyone who entered!I recently shared what I learned from The Question, the newly released book by the founder of Classical Conversations, Leigh Bortins, and … [Read more...]

CC at Home Book Club – Ten Ways to Destroy The Imagination of Your Child

Did you attend the Classical Conversations practicum with your child in a camp this year? If so, you received this month's book club selection, ten ways to destroy the imagination of your child (I kept the title lowercase here, because that's how it's printed on the book cover! Which by the way, I like!).  I have yet to crack the spine on this … [Read more...]