Cycle Two – Week Eleven



History – Read The Declaration of the Rights of Man, 1789

English – Make flashcards for the pronouns using 5×7 notecards.

Latin – Copy the first conjugation endings.

Science – We’ll continue to work on our paper mache solar system.  Maybe this will be the week to add a meteor belt to our model!

Math – Print these cubes to make for review.  

Geography – We’ll continue to map mark and continent blob.

Fine Arts – Practice tin whistle!

Can you believe it? Almost half way there.  Keep up the good work! 


  1. says

    Beth –
    Thank you so much for linking to my little cubes worksheet! It gave me a chance to find your blog and I’m so glad that I did! 🙂 I absolutely love your plan to make a paper mache solar system, among other things. I’ll be following you for more great ideas!

    • Beth Watson says

      Hi Leslie. If you enter your email address into the small box on the right and click the sign up box, you will receive any new posts. Let me know if you need any more help! )

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