Snacks & Homeschooling Go Together Like Peanut Butter & Jelly

Tips from homeschooling moms who are in the know. Having snacks available will make every day go smoother. And that's not just true for the kids. :) Here is a short list of our favorites - Protein bites - we make these in batches & stock our freezer with them. Once they're made, I have a hard time keeping them around, because everyone (but … [Read more...]

Preparing Your Student for Challenge B

My oldest and I just completed his year as a Classical Conversations Challenge B student, and my first year directing Challenge B. As I begin preparations for next year's crop of students, I thought it might be helpful to share what we've learned here. (Really, sharing it was a suggestion from a friend. Thanks, Candra!) Typically, in the summer, … [Read more...]

Our Kids’ Favorite Toys

These favorite toys are the ones our children reach to play with again and again. They also don't break easily. Unless I specify otherwise, we've owned these toys for at least a year and most for much, much longer. Over the door basketball hoop - Y'all, we live where the temperatures drop so low your fingers hurt if you play outside in the … [Read more...]

Christmas Advent Resources for Children and Families

Growing up, my family lit the candles of the advent wreath each night at dinner. Beginning 4 Sundays before Christmas, the same candle was lit every day for a week. The second week, that first candle plus one more was lit, so by the time we reached Christmas all 4 candles in the ring were lit. On Christmas morning, we also lit the center candle. … [Read more...]

The Best Family Games

photo credit: Maeve Photo Film In our family, we have children ages 5 - 14. Finding games we all enjoy playing together can be tricky, especially with a non-reader in the group. But, thankfully, over the years we have formed quite a collection of favorites. Playing them together are some of my most favorite moments. Here they are: Q-Bitz and … [Read more...]