Cycle Two: Week Twenty-Two

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History – We’re going to review the same way we did for week 21.  If you aren’t on CC Connected to find the history sentence cards, a blank illustration sheet and internet images (or history books) for inspiration would work just as well. 

English – Use the acronym FANBOYS to remember the list of coordinating conjunctions.

Latin – The Quizlet cards were such a good review source for me to see the areas where my boys needed improvement.  They’ll be using the flashcards and Quizlet games I created to review independently this week.

Science – We’ll demonstrate each of the characteristics of light at home by shining a flashlight on a mirror, into a glass of water, and through my diamond engagement ring.

Math – View the Khan Academy videos for the commutative law for addition and multiplication.  Practice writing the equations.  The CC flashcards are great for seeing the commutative law in action.  

Geography – This’ll be the boys’ choice: map marking, continent blobbing, or map tracing.  

The ways we review are not always exciting, but keeping our methods simple helps us to focus on the memory work.  Oftentimes, when time is short or my energy low, I simply grab our ring of memory work flashcards and rotate through asking the boys to recite their memory work.  Please don’t let the methods distract from the goal.  Keep them simple & learn the memory work!  As usual, what I’m writing to you, is what I’m also reminding myself about!  I have one little still aiming for memory master this year, so I’m trying to rally myself to keep our review time strong, if simple.  How about y’all? Any of yours aiming for memory masters too?


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