Cycle Two – Week Fifteen

History – Copy the history sentence onto the History Sentence Picture Page for this week.  Use the picture space to draw a map blob of the countries involved in WWI.  Look for books like this one at the library.  

English – Craft our own example sentences for the four purposes of sentences.  

Latin – Continue using the story prompts to review the Latin endings.

Science – This fun experiment is an example of both potential and kinetic energy.  I find the instructions a little intimidating, so I’m sure my husband will be giving his assistance. πŸ™‚  He loves this stuff anyway!   Just in case (and maybe in addition to), I also have this simpler, fun experiment in mind.

Math – I consulted this living math list to find a metric measurement book.  I haven’t read it, but it looks fun.  

Geography – Practice finding our memory work locations on the map.  My guys have been itching to mark our maps with chocolate chips again, so I think we’ll be doing that this week!

Fine Arts – We’ll use our newly printed resource from Sola Gratia Mom to review this week’s artist.  


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