Field Trip – The Philadelphia Orchestra at The Kimmel Center

Our family joined other CC families for a trip this week to see The Philadelphia Orchestra perform Beethoven Lives Upstairs at The Kimmel Center.  Our campus has made this trip before, but it was our family's first time.  I was so excited to experience this with my guys! The production had two actors, one playing a young Christoph … [Read more...]

Two Great Giveaways

Guys, there are two great giveaways for materials to use at home with CC Cycle One happening right now in the blogosphere & I want to make sure you've heard about them both.  Go to these links to enter to win --1) Orchestra & Composer Lapbook Giveaway from Half-A-Hundred Acre Wood2) Montessori Print Shop … [Read more...]

Climbing Parnassus – An Unqualified Reivew

Were you classically educated? Me neither! I have so much to learn! and I've been doing it through my readings about classical education.  I finished reading Climbing Parnassus: A New Apologia for Greek and Latin by Tracy Lee Simmons today. Yay! This book was handed out at my local Classical Conversations practicum.  Was it at yours … [Read more...]

CC Connected – FREE till 9/16!

Did you see the announcement on my FB page? CC Connected is free until September 16th! Visit the Classical Conversations page and watch the streaming announcements at the top of the page until you see the one announcing the free use until 9/16; log in DIRECTLY from that announcement in order for it to work for you. If all the options are … [Read more...]

CC Community – First Day!

Okay, so the youngest two are not in CC classes, but boy would they like to be! & I certainly couldn't keep them from getting their "first day" pictures taken. We had a wonderful first day! How about you? Have you started? Hope it went (or will go!) well! … [Read more...]

How We Do Review – Timeline

  As I'm sure you know, or you've heard, there is A LOT of grammar for your littles to learn each week.  And not only do you want them to learn the grammar for each new week, but you also want them to remember the grammar from the previous weeks.  How does one do that? Well, this is the system I worked out for our family last year & we … [Read more...]

Drafting Our Daily Schedule

Okay, so here goes, take one! I've drafted my planned daily schedule for this school year. I wrote it in pen, but probably should've started in pencil, because I'm leaving plenty of room for changes and flexibility.  My scheduling goals are to: 1) Give the core subjects priority. 2) Spend quality time with each of my littles - … [Read more...]

Cycle One Reading

Reference BooksNary a day goes by that this book isn't flipped through and its beautiful images studied.  It was an inspired birthday present from my parents for my children and it sits on our coffee table for regular browsing.  And believe me, it gets plenty of attention - unprompted by me.  Without a doubt, a favorite book of my … [Read more...]

School Year Prep

Batch BakingOkay, so this might not technically be considered school preparation, but, for me, it's on the list!  Not being a morning person myself, it is always an effort to get the whole family out the door on time for our CC days.  But, it's so important to me for us to be on time & ready to learn (i.e. bellies full of nutritious … [Read more...]

Summer Learning

Olympic ExcitementThere has been plenty of olympic excitement in my house! How about yours? Here are a few ideas I've pinned that you might want to include in your summer.  It's kind of like getting an early start on ancient history, right?Olympic lapbookOlympic craft ideasOlympic cupcakes, anyone? Why not! :) … [Read more...]