Week Two – Playing with Hieroglyphics

Today we used this jpg file of hieroglyphics to write in our notebooks.  After writing his name, my oldest wanted to continue on with his brother’s name.  He was really impressed with his work and enjoyed it too!  Later, he brought his notebook around to Daddy, Mom Mom, and Pop Pop to guess what the hieroglyphics spelled.  It was fun for all of them!

My second oldest, who is really beginning his writing work this year, preferred to do mommy’s version of simplified hieroglyphics.  For the simplified hieroglyphics, I drew a sketch on our chalkboard to represent a word and he copied it onto lined paper. We made a basic sentence around his interests. 

Did you try any hieroglyphics at home? Next on our history/geography agenda, mummifying a barbie


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    Oh good! Some of us are under the weather this week also. So, watching the Ten Commandments movie was good for that too. Hope your littles start feeling better soon!

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