Cycle Two – Week Twenty

Image CaptionHistory - Well, my original idea of visiting the Vietnam Veterans War Memorial during this week will most likely need to be put on hold.  While our visit will be put on hold, maybe you can go? If you do, be sure to check out the National Mall Junior Ranger Booklet for your littles to complete.  Not going? Most of the … [Read more...]

Eight Great Artists Resource – Review & Giveaway

UPDATE: Carpenters, you are the winner! Please contact me with your e-mail address to receive the Eight Great Artists Resource from Sola Gratia Mom!  Congrats! Thanks to everyone for entering!Y'all know my affinity for an open and go type curriculum, right? Well, I like them.  Especially right now! :) Colleen from Sola Gratia Mom … [Read more...]

Christmas Gift Ideas

A few, fun educational ideas have found their way from my Amazon wish list into my cart for Christmas presents this year.  Wanna take a peak at my list? Just don't tell my littles! ;)GeoPuzzle Jigsaw puzzles - these are amazing! The puzzle pieces are the actual shapes and approximate scale of the countries which you are building with to form … [Read more...]

Shining Eyes

Guys, I'm super excited to introduce you to my friend and fellow CC mom, Christy Lindsay.  Christy has five lovely littles and one adoring husband.  The class she taught at our local practicum was inspiring and encouraging.  It left me wanting to think and talk about the arts even more.  More importantly, it left me in awe … [Read more...]

Famous Composers

photo sourceThis seems like old news, but since I'm just seeing it, maybe you haven't seen it either? It's so homeschool cool that I had to share it with you.  It's a just over 12 minute video of The King's Singers singing the names of famous composers in the music style for which they are known.  Fun, right? I thought so! I hope you … [Read more...]

Classical Composers Monthly Giveaway – Winner Announced!

This giveaway is now closed! Comment #7, Superblessedmommy aka Becki Hogan, you are the winner! I'm excited for you to check this out, Becki, as we continue in orchestra studies with CC.  Erica of Classical Composers Monthly will contact you with more information. If you're just now seeing this, be sure to check out my review … [Read more...]

Classical Composers Monthly Review & Giveaway

Melody of And Here We Go recently shared about a classical music resource service called Classical Composers Monthly.  Well, I checked it out! And it's great!  Please allow me to tell you about it...Essentially a (CC!) homeschool mom, Erica Johns, and her son have searched, reviewed, and compiled the best online resources … [Read more...]

How It's Going – Week 16 Fine Arts

I snapped some pictures of our fine arts project from week 16. We used dull pencils to carve our images into the bottom of styrofoam bowls. Next we painted the carvings with a paintbrush dipped in washable paint. And finally, we each stamped our images onto brown craft paper using different colors to distinguish between the images.  Can … [Read more...]

Two Great Giveaways

Guys, there are two great giveaways for materials to use at home with CC Cycle One happening right now in the blogosphere & I want to make sure you've heard about them both.  Go to these links to enter to win --1) Orchestra & Composer Lapbook Giveaway from Half-A-Hundred Acre Wood2) Montessori Print Shop … [Read more...]

What We're Doing – Week 16 Links & Ideas

History - Review our history sentences, by playing like the Mesoamericans with bouncy rubber balls - without using our hands & trying to get the ball through a ring.  (without the element of human sacrifice and brutal competition - naturally.)  Each correct answer gets a turn or 3 tries, depending on how hard this turns out … [Read more...]