12 Ways to Play Board Slam

  {I say with the utmost affection,} You might be a math geek if you play board slam at home at night with your husband. You might be a competitive math geek if you happen to forget to tell your husband he can use cubes and squares to get the answers he needs. Ha! But, either way, here are some ideas for keeping the game interesting … [Read more...]

How We Do CC at Home

When I started this blog, I didn't realize how many families were considering and searching out information about doing Classical Conversations at home. And guess what? I didn't even think of the name of this blog.  A friend suggested I start a blog at a time when I had seriously been considering it and praying about it for a while.  She suggested … [Read more...]

How Our Campus Created a Fun, Family Review Night

Sweet friends from my CC campus arranged the most fun mid-cycle family review night.  It had to be rescheduled once due to weather, but we were still able to get it in basically midway through the year.  Sorry, I'm sharing it a little late here.  But, it could be a fun end of year night too!  I was so impressed by what … [Read more...]

DIY Skip Counting Boards

A few months back a friend posted a picture of skip counting boards handmade by her husband.  I had never seen anything like them! I thought they looked so cool & started asking for details.  My friend and her husband based their design off these online tutorials (1 and 2).  They made two versions: one with wooden pegs … [Read more...]

Time for Mini Memory Master Testing

  Are you on break right now? We're on a short Thanksgiving break before squeezing in a bit more before Christmas break.  Now's the perfect time to make sure those memory pegs are in before the next 12 weeks of material make an appearance. A friend's family shared with me that they do Mini Memory Master testing during this time.  I loved the idea … [Read more...]

CC Cycle Two App Review & Giveaway

UPDATE: Congrats to Michele Smith and family, who won the Cycle 2 App! I'm so excited for it to simplify review for you and your family, Michele! Guys, I'm excited to review for you today the Classical Conversations Cycle 2 App.  Based on the chatter surrounding the lead up and release of the app, I know many of you are excited about it, … [Read more...]

How We Do Review – Popsicle Pick

I've made my Popsicle Pick game...finally!  I had the idea last year, but just made time to bang it out.  I'm excited to add it to our short list of simple ways to review our memory work.I took the color assigned to each subject on the memory master flashcards and painted one end of a popsicle stick to match.  They're shown here … [Read more...]

DIY Lace Crowns

In history this year, we'll be doing lots of memory work and reading around king and kingdoms.  I will often hear my littles reenacting our history for the week.  So for fun and for review, I thought it would be fun to make crowns for them to wear.  I used this tutorial as a guide with a few changes.I bought 4 different laces to use … [Read more...]

Memory Work System Review & Giveaway

UPDATE: Rachel Tate Seely is the winner! Rachel has been contacted by e-mail.  Thanks so much to everyone for visiting & entering! Congrats again to Rachel! I hope you enjoy the ease of this system as much as us! : )Guys, I'm excited to share with you today a memory work system created by another CC mom, Jaime from Homeschool Story. … [Read more...]

The View from Here – Latin Review

Using our new Latin review cards, which I printed from Suzanne Shares and laminated, the boys worked to lay out the declension sheets in order from first to fourth (They are not in the correct order pictured here.) Next, I gave them the picture cards one declension at a time, which they lined up with the sheets.  When they did this, … [Read more...]