Cycle Two – Week Two

History – Play “pass the crown” with our homemade lace crowns, as each one of us says one word of the history sentence until we have it memorized.

Latin – Match the Latin endings using two copies of the Latin pronounciation helps.  All the while, we’ll be reciting the endings.

English – Recite the memory work together.  I’ll write a sentence on our chalkboard with repetitive nouns first and then erase the repetitive nouns to replace with pronouns.  For example, Mommy got out Mommy’s keys and started Mommy’s car.  If they’re interested, I’ll give them a chance to verbally make their own sentences.

Math – Using a dry erase marker, they’ll each mark the 3s and then the 4s on a hundred number chart.  For this, we’ll use our dry erase pockets.

Science – Read our Creation Science curriculum.  Sort plastic animals into the types of consumers.

Geography – We’ll mark our maps with chocolate chips and practice continent blobbing.  The map you see in this picture is one side of a double sided laminated map that another mom on campus offered to print & laminate for interested families.  The files are the Europe Unlabeled Color Enhanced.jpg and
World Blackline_Blue Map Without Numbers.pdf from CC Connected.

Fine Arts – Complete one of these insect symmetry coloring page

On my weekly posts, you’ll definitely see some repeat ideas.  I won’t often be super creative or inventive (sigh, as much fun as that would be!), but rather I’ll be focusing on simple, effective methods to memorize the memory work.  In a few years, our goal is to exit the grammar stage with these foundational pegs firmly in place.  To see more of how we’re approaching each subject classically, check out my series of posts, At Home with the Classical Method.


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      Stacy, another mom at my campus had them printed from a file found on cc connected. I’m checking with her now to find out the file name. I’ll let you know asap!

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      Stacy, here are the file names — Europe Unlabeled Color Enhanced.jpg
      World Blackline_Blue Map Without Numbers.pdf

      The world blackline_blue map without numbers is the one you see. The reverse side is the unlabeled color of Europe.

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    I love the map surrounded by blue water. It makes it much easier to see everything. Where did you find it or did you make it? Are you able to share???
    Thanks and blessings

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      Europe Unlabeled Color Enhanced.jpg
      World Blackline_Blue Map Without Numbers.pdf

      Lori, another mom from my CC campus printed & laminated them for us. Our tutors are using the same maps in class. The one you can see is the world blackline and on the reverse is the Europe unlabeled. Hope that helps!

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      Is anyone else having trouble finding these files on cc connected? Do I need to select a username? I tried just searching for the file names and couldn’t find them.

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    I usually have no problem finding things on CC connected. However, I have searched in every category I can think of and can’t find the World Blackline Blue Map Without Numbers.pdf. Did she happen to edit them before she had them made?
    Thanks again for sharing…

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