Notebook Pages – Printable Links – Cycle 1 Weeks 13-24

We’ve studied hard this first half of the year and besides keeping school and other responsibilities going, we’ve added Christmas fun and illnesses to our workload lately.  But, with little bits of time scrounged together here and there, I’ve also been preparing for the second half of our CC calendar. Here is a list of favorite printable links I’ve found that I’ll be working from for our notebooks for cycle one weeks 13-24. I hope you’re able to find some ideas on here that you like also!

Beneath Our Feet – Four Layers of Earth (article & worksheet quiz)

Clay Model Earth worksheet (3rd page of the PDF file)

Montessori Layers of the Earth cards

Gallon Man

Crecia’s Geography Cards

Africa Outline Map

Journey on the Rock Cycle Questionnaire & Comic Strip

Mountain Mini-Book

Metric Measurement Worksheet

Ancient Egypt Lapbook

(Another) Ancient Egypt Lapbook

Volcano Lapbook Links

Area of a Rectangle Worksheet (requires free site registration)

Aztec Worksheets

History of the Aztecs in Pictures

Volcano Worksheet

Parts of a Volcano Worksheet

Mound Builders Reading & Quiz (for older scholars!)

Area of a Triangle Worksheet

Draw and Journal Pages

Ocean Bingo

Layers of the Ocean Animal Cards

Ocean Match-Up Cards

The 13 Colonies Worksheet

13 Colonies Coloring Sheet

Montessori Instrument & Composer Cards

Orchestra Arrangement Image

Mexican Independence Cloze Activity

Mexican Independence Coloring Sheets

Atmosphere Foldable

Early Mesoamerican Civilization Lesson

Canadian Provinces Coloring Pages

Bach Wordsearch

Canada Map & Flag Printables

South America Map & Flag Printables

Cloud Inspector & Cloud Worksheets

Types of Clouds Worksheet

Navigational Lesson Plan  (Atlantic Ocean Map, Latitude & Longitude Worksheet to print & use together)

Oh & I should mention, these are all free resources! The best kind!


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    Awesome, Beth! i can’t wait to dig into these links! Thanks so much for your hard work in putting this list together. Happy New Year, friend! 🙂

    • says

      Thanks, Melody! Happy New Year to you! I’m so excited my sister is starting CC in the new year with her son. Last night, we spent the night touring the various CC blogs, including YOURS! : ) Thanks for sharing so many great ideas!

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