A Time of Revolution

Do you see the spirit of revolution stirring in your home, among your family? Do you consider yourself part of that movement? See how Classical Conversations Writers Circle blogger, David Bailey, makes the connection between revolution and teaching our children.The deck is being shuffled in the Middle East. Only time will tell if the changes … [Read more...]

Five Great Reasons to Study Latin

Image SourceI know I was asking, "Why Latin?" when we first started with classical education.  If you've been searching for answers to the same question, I hope you'll read this article by Kathy Sheppard from the Classical Conversations Writers Circle.  Kathy sums it up perfectly! We all know that the study of Latin helps students … [Read more...]

Do Not Grow Weary in Grammar, for in Due Time Ye Shall Reap

I've enjoyed many of Courtney Sanford's articles on the Classical Conversations Writers Circle, like Challenge: The Icing on the Cake (How to Manage Foundations, Essentials, and Challenge at the Same Time) and The Art of Going to the Art Museum.  I'm excited to share with you here today an article from Courtney as part of … [Read more...]

More Than Enough

Friends, please welcome David K. Bailey, from the Classical Conversations Writers Circle. David is the founding pastor of Crossroads Community Church in Stokesdale, NC, and a Challenge I tutor in Greensboro, NC.  He enjoys playing with words, kayaking, sailing, swimming and hiking.  He is attempting his first triathlon in April … [Read more...]

Why Homeschool

Guys, welcome back, Classical Conversations Writers Circle blogger Jennifer Courtney.  Today, she's sharing with us the results of her polling of seventy Classical Conversations families for the reasons why they homeschool.Recent news coverage of homeschooling has revealed a 75% increase in homeschooling in the past eight years. In addition, … [Read more...]

Teaching Reading Classically

Do y'all remember my series entitled At Home with the Classical Method? In it, I shared some things I learned from reading The Core.  Do you want to know more, but can't quite find the time to read The Core yet? Then these series of articles written by guest poster, Jennifer Courtney, from the Classical Conversations Writers Circle are for … [Read more...]

The Core of Writing

Remember our introduction to Classical Conversations Writers Circle's Jennifer Courtney from her arithmetic article shared here earlier this month? Here's another from her, this one on the core of writing for each stage of the Trivium - grammar, dialectic, and rhetoric.  Without further ado...Let’s turn to the core of writing which Leigh … [Read more...]

Blog Swapping

I'm excited to announce that I've partnered with Classical Conversations Writers Circle to swap blog posts.  I'll be sharing articles I've written for them to post on the Classical Conversations site and their writers will be sharing an article on my site with all of you.  Fun, right? My first article is Taking A Summer Break Without … [Read more...]