How It's Going – Week 21

To review our week 21 science sentence, we located each of the 5 major circles of latitude on our globe.  Then we drew the 5 major circles on oranges while reciting them out loud.  My guys loved drawing on the oranges, but my little miss was completely focused on us finishing so she could eat one.  So, what was at first our review … [Read more...]

How It's Going – Week 19

Using paper bags, mail sale flyers, cardstock, glue, and staples, we wove like the Anasazi and fashioned our work into a bag.  The weaving was not exactly easy for my guys, but we worked through some frustration to complete the task.  I think they were quite pleased with their determination and work when it was all done.  Obviously, … [Read more...]

How It's Going – Week 16 Fine Arts

I snapped some pictures of our fine arts project from week 16. We used dull pencils to carve our images into the bottom of styrofoam bowls. Next we painted the carvings with a paintbrush dipped in washable paint. And finally, we each stamped our images onto brown craft paper using different colors to distinguish between the images.  Can … [Read more...]

How It's Going – Week 16

Can you tell what we're about to do based on the items pictured above? Okay, I'll give you a hint!  It's for our week 16 history sentence.  Does that help? I'm sure some of you have guessed by now, but for the rest, we're playing our version of the Mayan ball game called Pok-a-Tok.  So, (as per our usual) for us that meant 2 … [Read more...]

The View from Here – More Reading!

I have been desperately wanting to add in more reading time to our days, but I've often found the time too short.  Well, today, with all of our schooling have-to-dos checked off for the week, we (I) released some of our want-to-dos from the list in order to read (& snuggle!) more. Those want-do-dos were our fine art project for home … [Read more...]

How It's Going – Week 15

My guys were SO excited when I pulled out the google map of our neighborhood to complete our navigation activity.  From the word GO!, they were all in.  And it needs to be said that they excelled at this activity only because of skills they've either inherited or learned from their dad. & I'm so glad!We ran around the neighborhood … [Read more...]

How It's Going – Week 13 (Cont)

With our acts and facts science cards out for reference during discussion, we all gathered around the kitchen counter today to learn about parts of the earth.I sliced eggs I hardboiled this morning into halves and gave each of my littles one half of an egg to hold and explore during our discussion.  (These eggs then became egg salad for … [Read more...]

How It's Going – Week 13

My guys are connecting the helping verb train by ordering the words of the definition. My oldest totally made the connection right away about helping verbs being to a sentence like a train engine is in moving train cars. Yay for things making sense! : )  I hope this continues as we use the train cars for the next several weeks.Next you'll see … [Read more...]