Why We’re Collecting Pockets Full of Rocks

As a mom of five exploring types, I'm often being asked to carry my littles' collected rocks in my pockets. We've had days at the park where my pockets were full of rocks. Sometimes they'd forget about the rocks and I'd drop them back to the ground. Other times, the rocks would make it all the way home with us. In more recent years, I've started to … [Read more...]


Today I’m Choosing More Home, Less School

  The lessons, the calendar, the schedule was making us all a bit weary. I could feel we needed a slow-down, but instead I wanted to hurry ahead to finish. I'm like that. It can feel productive, but it's often quite the opposite. And besides productive? Producing what exactly? Harried children and a frazzled mother? No good. And that's when … [Read more...]


My Favorite Finds for Homeschool Decor

  Us homeschoolers, we're renegades, right? Let's ditch the primary colored wall posters and seasonal cork boards to create our at-home "schoolrooms". Instead of making our homes look like classrooms, let's make learning look good. In our home, we happen to have a dedicated school room, but our learning certainly doesn't keep to only that … [Read more...]

Animal Blogger

Weasel Family Tree Race

  Please welcome my 9 year old son, Kyle, back with his third post on animals. He provides the topic and research, does all the writing, and selects the pictures. I simply help with the technical aspects. Although I imagine, I won't even keep that job for long. I hope you enjoy this and share it with the littles in your life! European … [Read more...]


Food for Thought Friday

Been picking up tidbits from around the internet that I thought you'd be interested in too. Consider it weekend reading and be sure to leave me your thoughts in the comments. It's dialectic. Screentime is Making Kids Moody, Crazy, and Lazy I definitely think I see times where this seems to be true for my brood. We limit their time, but this … [Read more...]