What is a Classical Notebook?

  I shared with you the set-up for our classical notebooks this year, but I realized I may have been jumping ahead.  I'd like to take us a few steps back and explain what notebooking is by answering some common questions about notebooking.   What is notebooking? Notebooking is essentially a way for students to document and collect … [Read more...]

Notebooking Our Way Through CC Cycle 3

Things sometimes take longer than you expect.  Like home projects always or anything else with a newborn. :)  But, despite taking longer than I expected, I have my littles' classical notebooks ready to go for this CC year - cycle 3.  Here I'll share with you the printables I'm using and how our notebook is set up. I have a one inch three ring … [Read more...]

Song School Latin Review & Giveaway

UPDATE: Congrats to winner, Melinda Walters! Thanks to everyone for entering!  I had a hard time learning foreign languages as a young student. However, I'm excited to learn Latin alongside my littles!  Following the classical way, we're learning Latin, because it is a root language. This should make learning additional languages later, like … [Read more...]

Cycle Two: Week Twenty-Three

History: March like soldiers around our home while reciting the history sentence.  Perhaps we'll assign two different rooms to be the United States and Kuwait.  English: We're going to write a noun in the center of our chalkboard and add modifiers answering the adjective questions.  For example, brothers could be our noun in the … [Read more...]

Cycle Two – Week Twenty-One

History - I love coupling the history sentence cards from And Here We Go with either the history sentence picture page from Homeschooling with a Classical Twist or the blank illustration page from Half-a-Hundred Acre Wood.  My littles love the pictures from the sentence cards and the pictures inspire their drawings.    Plus the cards … [Read more...]

Cycle Two – Week Eighteen

Image CreditHistory - Recite the sentence while coloring a President Roosevelt picture.  If you're curious to learn more about the history of the change from League of Nations to United Nations like I was, check out this site.English - I love how the CC app demonstrated the five kinds of nouns with the same sentence to highlight each of the … [Read more...]

Cycle Two – Week Fourteen

History - Complete the History Sentence Picture Page for this week.  Check out World War 1 books from the library for independent exploration. English - We're going to "dress up" a simple sentence with adverbs through one adverb question at a time.  I haven't tried this all the way through yet, so we may need more than one sentence. :) I'm … [Read more...]

Notebook Pages – Printable Links – Cycle 1 Weeks 13-24

We've studied hard this first half of the year and besides keeping school and other responsibilities going, we've added Christmas fun and illnesses to our workload lately.  But, with little bits of time scrounged together here and there, I've also been preparing for the second half of our CC calendar. Here is a list of favorite printable links … [Read more...]

What We're Doing – Week One Links

www.artlessonsforkids.meMany of our week one plans come from ideas I've found online.  Here are the links by subject to those ideas --History --       10 Commandments Hand CommandsScience --       Animal Classification InfoGeography --  Fertile Crescent Lesson Plans, Video & Recipe    … [Read more...]