Cycle Two – Week Four

History – Read (probably not all of) the Magna Carta.

Latin – Use the Latin pronunciation helps to practice endings.

English – Have boys group themselves or things into nominative pronouns and take a picture of that pronoun example.  Each boy will take a turn reciting and photographing, so the pronoun example is from their perspective.  For instance, “I” = selfie, “She” = sister or mom, “It” = book, toy, etc.  

Math – We’ll use a hundred number chart and a dot marker to review skip counting.

Science – Read in our Creation Science curriculum.  Complete the activity from our Wisdom and Righteousness notebook.

Geography – We’ll continue map marking and continent blobbing.  I’m also excited to use the Cycle 2 geography cards so my littles can visualize the places  we’re visiting.  

Fine Arts – Repeat original drawing from week one.  Compare and discuss.

Since our plans only work if I’m able to maintain them, I’m focusing on keeping them simple to execute.  How about you? What’s your approach to maintaining your plans week after week?


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