Cycle Two – Week Twenty-One

History – I love coupling the history sentence cards from And Here We Go with either the history sentence picture page from Homeschooling with a Classical Twist or the blank illustration page from Half-a-Hundred Acre Wood.  My littles love the pictures from the sentence cards and the pictures inspire their drawings.    Plus the cards have the words for the sentence, which makes for easy copying onto the blank illustration page.  My youngest guy can use the history sentence page, which only requires a drawing and not the copywork.

English – Since a conjunction connects, like coupling train cars, we’re going to write the definition on paper train cars.  You could make a paper chain or puzzle pieces, anything that connects like that.   We have laminated train cars, so we’ll use those!

Latin – We’re going back to trying the Quizlet cards again.

Science – We’ll read our acts & facts science card for this week and complete simple copywork for the sentence.

Math – Since math is the same each cycle, I’ll share some repeat resources we used last year.  We’ll watch the Khan Academy video on the associative law.  Then we’ll use plastic math manipulatives to demonstrate the associative law. 

Geography – This week we’ll pull out some tracing paper for central America.  The countries are so close to each other that I’m hoping this will give them an eye for the distinctions between them.

Fine Arts – We snuggled on the couch this past week to read Zin! Zin! Zin! Violin, which my littles just love.  It’s a fun book teaching about instruments and musical ensembles.  If you read it, I’m sure your littles will snuggle close too, if only to see the silly pictures!

Any printables we use during the week find their way into my little scholar’s classical notebooks.  Here’s the complete list of online printables I compiled that we’re using for cycle two.  


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