Cycle Two – Week Eighteen

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History – Recite the sentence while coloring a President Roosevelt picture.  If you’re curious to learn more about the history of the change from League of Nations to United Nations like I was, check out this site.

English – I love how the CC app demonstrated the five kinds of nouns with the same sentence to highlight each of the usages.  This would be great to recreate with your own sentences at home.  Mine are a little young for this, so we’ll be sticking to a more basic review.  Namely, we’ll copy the kinds onto index cards and put them in order while reciting.

Latin – We’ll start making flashcards to put in order and match up with the right heading.  I find the hardest part for my littles is differentiating between the different tenses, so I’m hoping writing, reading, and sorting them will help.  We are starting this step after weeks of practicing with the story prompts.

ScienceThis experiment to demonstrate Newton’s third law of motion sounds great, but I’m wondering if there’s something I can substitute for the film canisters.  ??  I don’t have any of those anymore. 

Math – Just as we did for the area of a square, we’ll draw triangles on graph paper to “see” how the area of a triangle equation works.

Geography – We’re going to have fun completing this European geography puzzle.  My littles love it and I love that each country has its own correctly shaped piece.  

Fine Arts – Use watercolors to paint this outline tracing (image above) of Woman Sewing in Her Garden by Morisot.  Want more? This blog has some great resources, including a printable notebook page to complete on Morisot.  

How’s everyone hanging in there? If you’re at week 18, you’re three-quarters of the way there! Allow me to encourage you to stay the course with as much commitment as you can muster.  The end of cycle two is in sight and you’ll be so grateful for hammering these memory pegs firmly into place.  Have fun with it, but stay steady! You can do it! (I’m giving myself this pep talk too – ha!)


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