Cycle Two: Week Twenty-Three

History: March like soldiers around our home while reciting the history sentence.  Perhaps we’ll assign two different rooms to be the United States and Kuwait.  

English: We’re going to write a noun in the center of our chalkboard and add modifiers answering the adjective questions.  For example, brothers could be our noun in the center and we could modify it with three, redheaded, Watson, and my.  

Latin: At this point, we’re definitely trying to review all the conjugation endings each week.  We’ll use our handwritten notecards to order the endings and match them with the right tense.  By using our own handwritten cards, we’re reviewing through reading, writing (by copying), and sorting.

Math: Copy the distributive law onto a small chalkboard.  I’ll have my littles close their eyes, while I erase a portion of the distributive law.  They’ll take their piece of chalk and write back on the missing portion.  With each little’s turn, I’ll erase more until they’re writing the law completely from memory.  

Science: Use the science printables created by Tara of Growing Because of His Grace.  You can find them on CC Connected under username tara504.

Geography: As we list off the countries and find them on our map this week, we’ll also need to emphasize the pronunciation.  The CC app or memory CDs will come in handy for this! 

Fine Arts: As part of our orchestra studies during our community day, we’ve been listening to The Remarkable Farkle McBride by John Lithgow.  Such a fun story! The students were enraptured!

Have you noticed in your home that sometimes all it takes to make school work interesting again is a change of medium?  Instead of reading a book aloud, listening to an audio book.  Instead of writing with a paper and pencil, using colored chalk on a little chalkboard.  I encourage you to look among your current supplies to mix it up, while keeping it simple.  It doesn’t need to be complicated or involve a lot of supplies to excite your little ones.  Sometimes I just go with whatever they’re already playing for the day.  If they’ve been playing basketball, I’ll ask them a review question and they’ll take a shot.  That’s what’s working for us.  What’s working in your home?

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