How It's Going – Week 16 Fine Arts

I snapped some pictures of our fine arts project from week 16. We used dull pencils to carve our images into the bottom of styrofoam bowls. Next we painted the carvings with a paintbrush dipped in washable paint. 

And finally, we each stamped our images onto brown craft paper using different colors to distinguish between the images.  Can you see my biggest guy’s portrait sideways there in the yellow? Eyes, nose, freckles, big smile and little stick legs. It looks just like him! : )

Speaking of looking just like someone, doesn’t this look just like me? Ha! 

Can you see the orange smiley face? That’s my youngest guy’s face. So the carving was easier then the stamping.  The result of the stamping was less than ideal, but it did give us even more of an appreciation of Durer and his achievements. 

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