How It's Going – Week 16

Can you tell what we’re about to do based on the items pictured above? 

Okay, I’ll give you a hint!  It’s for our week 16 history sentence.  Does that help? I’m sure some of you have guessed by now, but for the rest, we’re playing our version of the Mayan ball game called Pok-a-Tok.  

So, (as per our usual) for us that meant 2 things: 

1) We used materials we already had on hand, even though that meant changing the game a bit and 

2) We incorporated memory work review.

Here’s how we played:

Player one rolled the die.  The number they rolled was equal to the week question they were asked.  (Note: unlike pictured above, you would actually need 3 die to get all the way to week 16!) 

I would ask the appropriate week history question. Player one would answer.  

If they answered correctly (help was given if stuck! after all the point is to learn, not to win!), they took 3 shots into the ring.  Our “ring” was a sturdy metal table base with the glass top removed.  Other in-home options I considered – an embroidery hoop, basketball hoop, and hula hoop.  

After player one’s 3 shots, player two would follow until all players had a turn rolling the die, answering a question, and taking 3 shots.  We probably played 5 times around with some weeks being repeated.  It was great fun! & another great way to review memory work while learning a little more about our history for the week.  Plus, anything that gets us moving around a bit in the winter is a plus!

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