How It's Going – Week 13 (Cont)

With our acts and facts science cards out for reference during discussion, we all gathered around the kitchen counter today to learn about parts of the earth.

I sliced eggs I hardboiled this morning into halves and gave each of my littles one half of an egg to hold and explore during our discussion.  (These eggs then became egg salad for our lunch!)

We also watched the science video I shared about here and read The Magic School Bus:Inside the Earth, which I had forgotten we own.  In both of these cases, be on alert for information that does not line up with your beliefs about the age of the earth, etc.  

& Finally, here are our earth models set up and ready for completion.  As you can see, there are two versions – one with the labels written on in pencil and one with no labels.  The pencil version is for my younger littles to trace the names and the no label is because my oldest little can write them on himself.  We will attach them in the center with a brad. We might also draw an image on the inside of each circle to remind us of the characteristics of each part.  

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