How It's Going – Week 19

Using paper bags, mail sale flyers, cardstock, glue, and staples, we wove like the Anasazi and fashioned our work into a bag.  The weaving was not exactly easy for my guys, but we worked through some frustration to complete the task.  I think they were quite pleased with their determination and work when it was all done.  Obviously, not a basket, but our bag is able to store or move items, just like the Anasazi used their baskets! 

We used these printable music resources in a few ways.  We sorted the instruments by type – string, woodwind, and percussion.

I also showed the boys the orchestra chart to show the typical seating arrangement of the musicians in an orchestra by instrument.  We compared this to what we had seen during our orchestra field trip.  Using that as a guide, I asked the guys to lay out the instrument cards as an orchestra would be seated.  The lion cub there is the conductor. : )

My “little professor” really focused in on the orchestra chart.  He “checked” the work of his older brother after he laid out the instrument cards. 

And finally, my two middle guys are sorting some marine life flashcards and figures into the ocean zones; photic – yellow tray, bathyl – light blue tray, and abyssal – dark blue. After giving their best guesses during the sorting, we read more about marine life in relation to the ocean zones.   In the past week, we’ve also done some reading about ocean zones in our earth science curriculum and some watching of our planet earth – deep ocean dvd.  So they did have some knowledge on which to base their guesses prior to the sorting. (Not to mention, they love Wild Kratts and learn a lot about animals there! And that we find them reading animal science books all the time!)

Anyway, this is just a glimpse into how our week 19 plans worked for us.  You may notice all of these pictures are from today.  We squeezed a lot of our week 19 ideas into yesterday and today.  A field trip, snow play, and potty training snatched some of our normal project time out of our week. : )

So, our week was good and full.  

How about you? I hope good and full too! 

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