Cycle Two – Week Twenty

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History – Well, my original idea of visiting the Vietnam Veterans War Memorial during this week will most likely need to be put on hold.  While our visit will be put on hold, maybe you can go? If you do, be sure to check out the National Mall Junior Ranger Booklet for your littles to complete.  Not going? Most of the booklet can be completed virtually.

English – I definitely think after reviewing the memory work, we can play around with making our own appositives, i.e. identifying nouns.  I think it will be fun for my littles to do this about each other and favorite book characters.  Example: Pippy Longstocking, an adventurous thing finder, has red hair.  Essentials mamas, that’s an appositive, right? 

Latin – Practice correctly sorting the tenses with our handmade flashcards.

Science – After reading our Acts & Facts Science card for the week, we’ll make a fire in our fireplace and discuss how heat travels through the room.

Math – Use compasses to draw circles and measure the circumference.

Geography – Each week we’ve been map marking the memory work for the new week and all previous weeks.  This takes us close to an hour, mainly because I’m so slow to keep up with my guys.  This week we’re going to take a break from map marking and do some blobbing, which we’ve committed little time to recently.  I’m excited to see how it goes! I’ll be doing this along with my littles to encourage them along the way and, of course, to learn also.

Fine Arts – I won’t be sharing weekly ideas during the orchestra studies, but I would like to share two great resources.  Classical Composers Monthly has created a collection that includes all the composers from cycles 1-3.  You can purchase access to it for only $8.  SQUILT free printable worksheet can be found here.  It has four areas to cover when listening to music with your littles. 

If you’re looking for inspiration or more simple ways to include Fine Arts study in your day, check out these posts from my friend Christy.  She’s a natural at it and offers some great, accessible suggestions for the rest of us! 

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