The Best Family Games

photo credit: Maeve Photo Film In our family, we have children ages 5 - 14. Finding games we all enjoy playing together can be tricky, especially with a non-reader in the group. But, thankfully, over the years we have formed quite a collection of favorites. Playing them together are some of my most favorite moments. Here they are: Q-Bitz and … [Read more...]

Advent Calendar Ideas

Family Advent Calendar Ideas

Every year we set up our advent calendar and my children eagerly wait for me so they can open it each morning. Behind every little door, I put a slip of paper with a secret idea that we'll enjoy that day. I include family traditions, day trips, special activities, food treats, and gifts or ideas for others. Over the years, I've learned to make … [Read more...]

We Saw Jesus – Live on Stage at Sight and Sound Theatre

This was our (Creation, Christmas - twice, Noah, Jonah, Moses, and Samson) eighth visit to Sight and Sound Theatres with our family over the years. We have not once been disappointed! Our children are now ages 5, 8, 10, 12, and 13, but we have been taking them since they were babies on our laps. For this trip, Sight and Sound Theatres … [Read more...]

Our Treetop Quest Philly Adventure

For our children's birthdays, we decided years ago to take them on a date with just mom and dad instead of giving gifts. It has become one of our favorite family traditions. This year we took our newly minted 12 year old to Treetop Quest in Philly. It's, as they say, an "aerial adventure park" containing 5 obstacle and zip line courses. It … [Read more...]

Keeping a One Room Schoolhouse Model As Your Children Get Older

  In the last two weeks, we started our second year of junior high with my oldest. We participate in Classical Conversations, so he is in Challenge B. (And I'm his director! First year Challenge director!) Last year it was really important for me to maintain our shared learning environment in some form, even though he was moving on to more advanced … [Read more...]

Unique + Fun Ideas for Children’s Easter Baskets

When I'm thinking Easter basket stuffers, I like to thing in two ways: special, unique ideas I've been saving up, and fun things my kids will already need or use in the upcoming spring or summer months. I certainly won't use all the ideas I've been loving & storing up, but wanted to share some of the fun, unique ideas I've found in case any of … [Read more...]

Six Things I’m Doing Now to Prepare to Direct Challenge B

Friends, we've been part of a Classical Conversations homeschool community since my oldest was 5. He's now 13 and in Challenge A. All along, I thought I would love to direct a Challenge class one day. Well, everything lined up for me to direct Challenge B next year. My oldest will be entering Challenge B with me and I'm very excited. Most of his … [Read more...]

Gift Ideas for a Homeschool Mom

Okay, really, this is just my (homeschool) mom gift wish list, but maybe it'll spark some ideas for you too. Hun, are you reading this? 1. Magnolia Cookbook - My Instagram buddy, Ida Mundell, is cooking her way through this cookbook and making me hungry with each delicious looking picture. 2. Benjamin Franklin almanac - After reading this one … [Read more...]

Gift Ideas for 10-13 Year Old Boys

Of course, these gifts could be for girls too. I just have 3 boys who were on my mind as I made this list. Since I can never remember all the ideas I think of throughout the year at the appropriate time, this year I kept a running list. I hope sharing them with you is helpful! In no particular order, here we go... 1. Carving Blocks, Carve, and a … [Read more...]

What We’ve Learned As First Time Challenge A-ers

Y'all, let's talk Challenge. My oldest started this year. It feels like one more sign that he's growing older. Men's clothing, taller than me, deepening voice, and starting Challenge. Whew. We started with Classical Conversations when he was 5 and Challenge seemed a long way off. But, here we are 12 weeks into his first year. He's doing great! And … [Read more...]