Our Kids’ Favorite Toys

These favorite toys are the ones our children reach to play with again and again. They also don’t break easily. Unless I specify otherwise, we’ve owned these toys for at least a year and most for much, much longer.

  1. Over the door basketball hoop – Y’all, we live where the temperatures drop so low your fingers hurt if you play outside in the winter, so a quality indoor hoop has provided hours upon hours of fun. We bought ours a few years back, and it has stayed sturdy with four boys playing with it regularly. I couldn’t find our exact one online, but this one looks very similar and has great reviews on Amazon.
  2. Small ping-pong table – this is the main piece of “furniture” in our playroom and it gets played with almost daily. The small size might seem like a disadvantage, but because they play on it almost exclusively, a full size table is actually much easier.
  3. Hookey – it’s like darts without the danger. haha. There is definitely a technique and it’s one my five year old has mastered. He beats most of us, and we can all play it – grandparents included.
  4. Rainbow Loom – We bought this originally for my oldest whenever that first craze hit. Over the years, each of my kids has picked it up and churned out bracelets and necklaces for everyone they know.
  5. Ripstik – They can ride these outside or inside, which makes them so practical. They’re challenging at first, but then just fun. Some of my children even ride them while practicing with flashcards during school. (Older kids and teenagers need this larger size.)
  6. Nerf Guns – Classics for a reason, these guns do get forgotten about occasionally, but always come back out when friends come over. Play with them was extended when they started taking them outside. We found these well-rated Nerf laser guns on sale last weekend, so our kiddos are getting them this year. Naturally, my husband got this larger one for himself.
  7. Legos – Yet another classic. Our kids have plenty so we have no interest in adding more right now, but they have certainly been worth the investment in our house. After the initial set has been built, some have stayed together and been put on display. Others have been taken (or fallen) apart, and the pieces have been put into general rotation. My kids will pull out the instruction manual and rebuild a set or just use their own creativity to build something new. These books fuel ideas when they’re stuck.
  8. Calico Critters – I had the Sylvania Family animals growing up (which I can’t find in the US anymore), and these are very similar. My daughter has mine and we’ve grown her collection over the years. She plays with them on her own and they come out during every playdate. They’re the cutest little families for dollhouses! She’ll probably get a new set this Christmas, and some furniture and accessories for her dollhouse.
  9. Wooden blocks – What more can I say? They can be anything. We have architecture blocks, castle blocks, marble run blocks, and alphabet blocks. All these sets come together to make some pretty impressive little towns. We have plenty, and yet, I still kind of want these.
  10. Toy cars – I can remember going to our town pharmacy and my brother picking out a little matchbox car as a treat. They’re still affordable, and still fun. I love that my oldest will race them with my youngest.
  11. Baby doll – My daughter has several favorite dolls, including some handmade ones, but I believe this one tops the list. Because she’s a standard size, it’s easy to buy outfits and accessories for her anywhere. And I like that she doesn’t have any hair to worry about keeping neat. πŸ™‚
  12. Crash pads – We have these in our “ninja room”, which I should definitely show you again soon. These are for sure one of the most played with items in the room.

And, if I thought they qualified as toys, I’d count art supplies, games, and books on this list too.

This isn’t the most exciting toy list you’ll see this year, but that’s not why I made it or why I’m sharing it. My hope is this helps you to find the toys worth purchasing and keeping in your home. Toys that your children will enjoy for a very long time! They’re not necessarily exciting or new, but they are classic. Your turn – tell me the toys that are used again & again in your home! I don’t like collecting rubbish, but am always happy to find a classic.

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