Advent Calendar Ideas

Family Advent Calendar Ideas

Every year we set up our advent calendar and my children eagerly wait for me so they can open it each morning. Behind every little door, I put a slip of paper with a secret idea that we'll enjoy that day. I include family traditions, day trips, special activities, food treats, and gifts or ideas for others. Over the years, I've learned to make … [Read more...]

Unique + Fun Ideas for Children’s Easter Baskets

When I'm thinking Easter basket stuffers, I like to thing in two ways: special, unique ideas I've been saving up, and fun things my kids will already need or use in the upcoming spring or summer months. I certainly won't use all the ideas I've been loving & storing up, but wanted to share some of the fun, unique ideas I've found in case any of … [Read more...]

Pottery Barn Knockoff – DIY Valentine’s Day Chairbacker

I saw  Valentine's Day Envelope Chairbackers similar to these years ago in a Pottery Barn catalog. Adorable, but more money than I could spend for them. I figured out a DIY which was so fun and easy to do. My littles have loved them now for more than a few years, so I'm super glad I made the effort. Even though they are white, they've held up just … [Read more...]

Our Family’s {Easy} Valentine’s Day Traditions

Over the years, I've stumbled on a few ideas which my children have loved that are now our family traditions leading up to Valentine's Day. They are simple, meaningful, and easy to execute, which is why we enjoy returning to them every year. 1. DIY card making station: At the beginning of February, I fill a simple wooden box with paper and … [Read more...]

My Favorite Valentines to Hand Out

  Folks, I'm just realizing it's February and Valentine's Day is right around the corner. Yay! I love that as homeschoolers, besides celebrating at home with our family (see our traditions here!), we can continue some of the best school traditions by celebrating with my littles' classmates during CC community day. I enjoy searching on … [Read more...]

A Year in Review – Our New Year Tradition

Our friends once shared with us their family's new year tradition of looking at the previous year's family videos as each new year approaches.  We now do a version of that each year with our littles by putting on a slideshow of our photos from the previous year.  We hook it up to our television so everyone has a good view.  We really … [Read more...]

Valentine's Day

The valentine fun has begun at our home!  On our school room table, I've set out some craft supplies so love notes can be made anytime. I plan to rotate the craft supplies every few days - glitter glue, doilies, watercolors, etc., to keep it interesting.Each morning the mailbox holds a different valentine scripture card, which I printed from … [Read more...]

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day – Printables & Ideas

Last minute planning finds me preparing to highlight Martin Luther King Jr. Day at my home tomorrow. I do not want my littles to miss out on these special days simply because they are not part of our regular curriculum.  Maybe you're the same as me?  If so, here are some simple, but meaningful ideas you could do with your littles … [Read more...]