Valentine's Day

The valentine fun has begun at our home!  On our school room table, I’ve set out some craft supplies so love notes can be made anytime. I plan to rotate the craft supplies every few days – glitter glue, doilies, watercolors, etc., to keep it interesting.

Each morning the mailbox holds a different valentine scripture card, which I printed from here for free.  There are 15 different cards about love, so you could easily do 14 days (plus 1) of love leading up to valentine’s day on Feb 14.  But, since we’re starting later than that, we’re gonna do 10 days and some days will have 2 cards!
On the backs of our dining room chairs are felt envelopes I made last year for each person.  We secretly distribute the cards we make to each person’s envelope.  Any cards from friends or family also go into these envelopes.  We’ll open them on valentine’s day!

The bookshelf in our schoolroom has Valentine and love books mixed in with our winter books now.  This shelf full of fun books always provides a good break for my littles in the school day.

Well, that’s the gist of what we do! What about you? Have any fun traditions for celebrating Valentine’s Day? Do share!


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      Thanks for sharing, Maris! I love how creative kids can be! & I love that your children are so skilled with technology!

      Happy (early) Valentine’s Day!


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