My Favorite Valentines to Hand Out


Folks, I’m just realizing it’s February and Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Yay! I love that as homeschoolers, besides celebrating at home with our family (see our traditions here!), we can continue some of the best school traditions by celebrating with my littles’ classmates during CC community day. I enjoy searching on Pinterest for creative, but simple homemade Valentines for my littles to exchange. I’m especially fond of the ones that have something their friends can take home to play with.


Over the years, we’ve done bugs, astronauts, play-doh (The original version is cuter. I used plain printer paper and at the last minute, I realized my circles were bigger than my lids, so I made do!), and star wars lightsabers.





This year, we’re passing out these. I ordered the heart shape balloons in bulk. We’ll use about 40-45 of them just passing out to classmates and friends. I’ll save the extras for a party or special gifts one day. Considering I have four littles passing out Valentines, I thought the total cost was reasonable. Notice I always pick ones that don’t involve a lot of complicated cutting or special supplies to execute. Lazy mama or smart mama? You decide. 🙂


In the meantime, please share how you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day at home and with friends!





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