September 11, 2001 Lesson Plans

History - September 11, 2001 I found these lesson plans from The Cork Board and read this fact sheet to my children. It was hard for me to read all the way through without tearing up at the memories. Wow - I hope my children can understand that history doesn't just teach us so much, but was also lived by real people. Have you found a great way … [Read more...]

Cycle Two: Week Twenty-Four

History: Color picture of Nelson Mandela while reciting history sentence.  (Plenty of activity sheets available, too.)English: I plan to dramatically recite sentences with interjections to see if my littles can pick out the interjections.  For example, "Duck! There's a low branch!" Once they get the hang of it, they'll probably like … [Read more...]

Cycle Two: Week Twenty-Three

History: March like soldiers around our home while reciting the history sentence.  Perhaps we'll assign two different rooms to be the United States and Kuwait.  English: We're going to write a noun in the center of our chalkboard and add modifiers answering the adjective questions.  For example, brothers could be our noun in the … [Read more...]

Cycle Two: Week Twenty-Two

Image SourceHistory - We're going to review the same way we did for week 21.  If you aren't on CC Connected to find the history sentence cards, a blank illustration sheet and internet images (or history books) for inspiration would work just as well. English - Use the acronym FANBOYS to remember the list of coordinating … [Read more...]

Cycle Two – Week Nineteen

Image CreditHistory - I was originally hoping we'd visit the above pictured Korean War Memorial in D.C.  Not sure we'll be able to pull that off right now, but I did learn there are other options, even closer to home.  There is a Korean War Memorial in Philadelphia and one in New Jersey.  Who knew? Not me!English - The CC app … [Read more...]

Cycle Two – Week Eighteen

Image CreditHistory - Recite the sentence while coloring a President Roosevelt picture.  If you're curious to learn more about the history of the change from League of Nations to United Nations like I was, check out this site.English - I love how the CC app demonstrated the five kinds of nouns with the same sentence to highlight each of the … [Read more...]

Cycle Two – Week Seventeen

History - We're going to review history with geography this week by tracing or blobbing the countries of the ally and axis leaders in different colors.  I'd say blue and red, but my boys will probably each pick two of their favorite colors.  :)English - We'll simply chant the definition of a noun three times or more for review.  If … [Read more...]

Cycle Two – Week Sixteen

Image CreditHistory - Draw or trace a black lined map.  Color in the areas where Germany invaded.  Look in our Kingfisher History Encyclopedia to read about the world wars.English - Practice memorizing the definition of a verb through motions.Latin - Continue using the story prompts to review the Latin endings.Science - I'm a little … [Read more...]

Cycle Two – Week Fifteen

History - Copy the history sentence onto the History Sentence Picture Page for this week.  Use the picture space to draw a map blob of the countries involved in WWI.  Look for books like this one at the library.  English - Craft our own example sentences for the four purposes of sentences.  Latin - Continue using the story … [Read more...]

Cycle Two – Week Fourteen

History - Complete the History Sentence Picture Page for this week.  Check out World War 1 books from the library for independent exploration. English - We're going to "dress up" a simple sentence with adverbs through one adverb question at a time.  I haven't tried this all the way through yet, so we may need more than one sentence. :) I'm … [Read more...]