A Year in Review – Our New Year Tradition

Our friends once shared with us their family’s new year tradition of looking at the previous year’s family videos as each new year approaches.  We now do a version of that each year with our littles by putting on a slideshow of our photos from the previous year.  We hook it up to our television so everyone has a good view.  We really do have a lot of photographs from each year, so we run it on a loop for a little while.  This allows the littles to float in and out of the room as their attentions wax and wane.  

I’m usually very sentimental and stay in the room to see each picture. Even when we have visiting family or friends, this is something everyone enjoys having in the background.   

I’m always amazed by how much my little ones have grown over the year and seeing highlights from our school year is uplifting and encouraging for all of us.  It encourages me as I appreciate the end of break and gear up for full swing again after the new year.  It can also be a good time to check in with everyone on their favorite and least favorite parts of schooling.  Truly, it is a time to remember and praise God for the provisions and plans He had for our family over the last year.

How about you? Any fun new year traditions? 

( Note: Above is a fun slideshow I made in flipagram, 🙂 not our “official” slideshow. )

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