Tell Me A Story

Nothing gathers my children's attentions quite like the telling of a good story.  They can nearly always goad their grandparents into telling them one at any time.  Grammy makes up elaborate stories with creatures and characters of all sorts, while Mom Mom and Pop Pop tell stories of themselves as children. My littles love all the stories and … [Read more...]

Song School Latin Review & Giveaway

UPDATE: Congrats to winner, Melinda Walters! Thanks to everyone for entering!  I had a hard time learning foreign languages as a young student. However, I'm excited to learn Latin alongside my littles!  Following the classical way, we're learning Latin, because it is a root language. This should make learning additional languages later, like … [Read more...]

My Top 5 Favorite CC Products – Review & Giveaway!

{ UPDATE: Bridgette Stowe Silvas, you are the winner! Congrats! Thanks to everyone who entered and shared with me their favorite CC products! Happy Cycle 3 planning! }Here we are ending one cycle and preparing to begin another one in the fall.  I bet you're registering for practicum and making your wish list of items to purchase at the … [Read more...]

Eight Great Artists Resource – Review & Giveaway

UPDATE: Carpenters, you are the winner! Please contact me with your e-mail address to receive the Eight Great Artists Resource from Sola Gratia Mom!  Congrats! Thanks to everyone for entering!Y'all know my affinity for an open and go type curriculum, right? Well, I like them.  Especially right now! :) Colleen from Sola Gratia Mom … [Read more...]

Prescripts Review and Giveaway

UPDATE: Congrats to Devin Berna, the winner of the giveaway!  Devin has been contacted and I'll be sending along the set of four prescripts books.  Thanks to everyone for entering! Have you seen the Prescripts series of books created by Classical Conversations yet?  They are essentially a series of four spiral bound books … [Read more...]

Classical Composers Monthly Review & Giveaway

Melody of And Here We Go recently shared about a classical music resource service called Classical Composers Monthly.  Well, I checked it out! And it's great!  Please allow me to tell you about it...Essentially a (CC!) homeschool mom, Erica Johns, and her son have searched, reviewed, and compiled the best online resources … [Read more...]