Cycle 3 Book List

When we begin Classical Conversations Cycle 3 in the fall, my littles will be ages 3, 6, 8, 10, and 11. This is our second time through this cycle and my oldest son's last time. I've decided to create a book list all my own this year. (As opposed to previous years where I've layered over an AO list.)  I have consulted my best "book buds" -  Five in … [Read more...]

Our Favorite Animal Books for Preschoolers

  Guys, seriously so many good books in this world! I get so excited when I find some we love and I love sharing them with you. Here are some books we love reading that just so happen to teach us great things about animals. They're like science in a storybook. 1. I Love My Daddy, Because... - In beautiful drawings of daddy animals caring … [Read more...]

Weasel Family Tree Race

  Please welcome my 9 year old son, Kyle, back with his third post on animals. He provides the topic and research, does all the writing, and selects the pictures. I simply help with the technical aspects. Although I imagine, I won't even keep that job for long. I hope you enjoy this and share it with the littles in your life! European … [Read more...]

How To Study Science Without Really Trying

  Because I have a love of books and a desire for my children to learn, I've made a habit of purchasing the best reference books I can find and placing them around our home. As a result, I've stumbled upon how to study science without really trying. At least one or two of these great books are opened by my littles daily without any prompting … [Read more...]

How We Do Nature Study Indoors

Everyone in my home loves nature study.  When it's warm and beautiful or even warm and rainy, we head outside to make observations, take photographs, and draw.  But, with the combination of my pregnancy sickness and our seemingly never-ending Northeast winter, we've been inside a lot for nature studies lately.  Here's how we've … [Read more...]

Tools for Our Homeschool: Telescope

"The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth forth his handiwork." Psalm 19:1Riding in the back of a truck heading into the total darkness of a bush village in Zimbabwe with my mission team members, my eyes were first exposed to the grandness the heavens hold.  Stars as numerous and as far as the eye could … [Read more...]

How We Study Nature

One of our favorite ways to study science is through nature study. We spend time in the great outdoors and record things in our creation journal.  Our creation journal is essentially the same thing as a nature journal.  We call it a creation journal simply to remind us that we're studying nature to learn more about our … [Read more...]

At Home with The Classical Method – Teaching Science

"Understanding the classical sciences allows each of us to appreciate the beauty and harmony of the cosmos while equipping us to participate in the investigative process." (p.179)I believe that understanding the sciences is important to all students, but is especially beneficial to the believer.  We know the creator of the extraordinary … [Read more...]

The View from Here

Do you remember this idea from week 18 links & ideas? My nephew, J.C., is a part of a CC campus in a different state that is ahead of my family at our campus.  After his mom provided the supplies and image from the week 18 links & ideas, J.C. independently made the ocean floor model pictured above.  Isn't it great? I … [Read more...]