The Conversation: Challenging Your Student with a Classical Education

    Over the past couple weeks, I had the great opportunity to read a preview copy of The Conversation by Leigh Bortins. I really don't think I'm overstating when I unequivocally tell you, you should read this book! In the grammar stage with your littles? Read this book - it will fuel your excitement for the future! In the dialectic … [Read more...]

Does Classical Education Work for Children With Special Needs?

Y'all, special treat, my big sis is here to share what she's learned on how a classical Christian education, specifically CC, works for children with special needs. Try not to be distracted by the pictures of my impossibly cute nephews and niece (I will!) and hear what she has to say, because there is some valuable stuff in here for all … [Read more...]

Are We Doing This Again Next Year? How Not to Quit Homeschooling!

This seems to be the time of year when the questions begin. Are we homeschooling again next year? Should we switch some things we're doing? Or all the things we're doing? Am I doing enough as their teacher? How much did they really learn this year? Let me ask you a question that should quiet the rest. Why are you homeschooling? Don't know why? … [Read more...]

7 Ways A Classical Education Works With A Christian Worldview

Classical Conversations is a classical, Christian education.  Some might see those words placed together and not see the connection.  In fact, some might go as far as to say they don't connect.  It probably won't surprise you to hear me say, well, they do go together!  Actually, I'm a firm believer that classical + Christian are … [Read more...]

Remembering What It's Like to Learn Something New

Y'all, please welcome back my friend, Becki Hogan.  Becki and her husband blog at Running with Team Hogan.  Through learning about a new subject, Becki was able to learn more about classical education.  I can relate! When you understand classical education, you see learning -on any subject- through a new lens.  Read to … [Read more...]

Five Great Reasons to Study Latin

Image SourceI know I was asking, "Why Latin?" when we first started with classical education.  If you've been searching for answers to the same question, I hope you'll read this article by Kathy Sheppard from the Classical Conversations Writers Circle.  Kathy sums it up perfectly! We all know that the study of Latin helps students … [Read more...]

A Beginning Glossary of Terms for Classical Education

Before homeschooling my children, my educational experience was limited to how I was taught, which I would generally characterize as traditional. I grew up attending a private, Christian school and later graduated from a Bible university with degrees in Social Work and Bible.  I had no experience and very little information regarding … [Read more...]

At Home with the Classical Method – Why Classical Education?

I'm making some progress in understanding classical education and supplanting the modes of traditional education in my mind.  I can tell, because I'm *starting* to be able to converse with others about classical education without looking at my notes. : ) Good, right?  I'm also beginning to form ideas of what this will look like for our family over … [Read more...]