Back to School Printables

I just love fun, free printables.  Here are delightful ones I've found for back-to-school use {updated for the 2014-15 school year}.  First Day photo prop - Print and cut for your child to hold for their back to school photo. Chalkboard Style First Day photo prop - There's even a series of "I'm a first grader", etc. printables. So … [Read more...]

Catching Classical – Notebook Pages for Cycle 2

One of our favorite ways to practice our CC memory work at home is through notebooking.  Because we're in the grammar stage, I'm not looking to use our notebooks to expound on the memory work at this time, but really focus on nailing in the memory pegs.  We'll be using the Wisdom & Righteousness memory work lapbooks in our … [Read more...]

Two Great Giveaways

Guys, there are two great giveaways for materials to use at home with CC Cycle One happening right now in the blogosphere & I want to make sure you've heard about them both.  Go to these links to enter to win --1) Orchestra & Composer Lapbook Giveaway from Half-A-Hundred Acre Wood2) Montessori Print Shop … [Read more...]

Notebook Pages – Printable Links – Cycle 1 Weeks 13-24

We've studied hard this first half of the year and besides keeping school and other responsibilities going, we've added Christmas fun and illnesses to our workload lately.  But, with little bits of time scrounged together here and there, I've also been preparing for the second half of our CC calendar. Here is a list of favorite printable links … [Read more...]

What We're Doing – Week 9 Links

History - Did anyone else get a paperback version of this Confucius book from Chick-Fil-A in their littles' meal? I can't remember exactly when we got it, but we have one & plan to read it this week!Science - Parts of a Plant Worksheets free, printable, choose your own!- Find a plant to dissect after going on … [Read more...]

What We're Doing – Week 7 Links

English - Preposition Song Video and Preposition Motions - Slowed Down & by WeekGeography - (free! printable!) Indus River Valley Flashcards with Photos- Indus River Valley Civilization Info Fine Arts - (free! printable!) Music Theory NotebookWell, here in the Northeast, we're hunkering down in anticipation of … [Read more...]

Fire Safety Month

Since October is fire safety month, a mom in our CC Community arranged for a local fire company to visit our campus during lunch break for a fire safety discussion and walk through the firetruck.  My littles are still too young to be monitored for Pennsylvania state guidelines, but from what I understand, this is one of them. I'm so glad … [Read more...]

CC Connected – FREE till 9/16!

Did you see the announcement on my FB page? CC Connected is free until September 16th! Visit the Classical Conversations page and watch the streaming announcements at the top of the page until you see the one announcing the free use until 9/16; log in DIRECTLY from that announcement in order for it to work for you. If all the options are … [Read more...]

Free Download

Map Trek: Ancient WorldCheck out this link to download a FREE pdf of Map Trek: Ancient World.  It is full of labeled and blank ancient maps, which may come in handy during Cycle One's ancient history scope. There are also some lesson plans, if you want to create more study around each map.   … [Read more...]

Summer Work – Classical Conversations Practicum 2012

Classical Conversations PracticumI just registered myself for the summer CC practicum & my littles for the CC day camps near my home.  Lucky for us, the practicum & day camps are being held at our local CC campus, SO... 1) it'll be a short drive (with a Dunkin Donuts en route!), 2) I'll know most, if not all, of the … [Read more...]