September 11, 2001 Lesson Plans

History - September 11, 2001 I found these lesson plans from The Cork Board and read this fact sheet to my children. It was hard for me to read all the way through without tearing up at the memories. Wow - I hope my children can understand that history doesn't just teach us so much, but was also lived by real people. Have you found a great way … [Read more...]

Cycle 3: Week 1

Each week, I'll post a fun idea or two related to the CC Cycle 3 memory work. In the past, I posted an idea for each subject, each week. But, it was a bit of overkill - at least for us and the time we have. I'm keeping it simpler this year.  If you're keeping it classical, remember, the first goal is to memorize the memory work for each subject. … [Read more...]

Notebooking Our Way Through CC Cycle 3

Things sometimes take longer than you expect.  Like home projects always or anything else with a newborn. :)  But, despite taking longer than I expected, I have my littles' classical notebooks ready to go for this CC year - cycle 3.  Here I'll share with you the printables I'm using and how our notebook is set up. I have a one inch three ring … [Read more...]

Book List for CC Cycle 3

My crew and I enjoy reading together a lot! I've made a book list to reference that coordinates with our upcoming Classical Conversations cycle, cycle 3.  We certainly won't be reading each of these books, but I like knowing what's available and what comes recommended from some of my favorite sources.  Getting to the library with four littles … [Read more...]

Summer Learning

Travel AdventuresOver the summer, we've taken trips to a few places nearby that corresponded to events or places we learned about in cycle 3.  We still have a few more on our wish list, but we're running out of time!  How about you? Any fun summer travel trips taken or planned? p.s. - Don't you just love Brandy's idea of traveling … [Read more...]

Railroad Field Trip

Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania & The Strasburg RailroadRecently our family joined our CC group in a field trip to the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania & The Strasburg Railroad.  We had such a fun time! Our family was in a group with Steve as our guide.  He was attentive & relaxed with our young students. … [Read more...]

Lapbook Resource

Cycle One Lapbook ResourceHead on over to Wisdom and Righteousness to check out the CC Cycle 1 lapbooks that homeschooling mom Karen Gill created. I discovered the cycle 3 set last year and really considered buying them, but wasn't sure we were ready for them yet.  Perhaps this year? They look great & they're certainly not … [Read more...]

Week 22 – Geography

Geography - Desert SandToday we reviewed the locations of the deserts from our new grammar & used a copy of the USA Physical Features map from our Foundations Guide to mark those deserts.  First, we used cotton swabs to paint glue onto the desert areas & then sprinkled sand onto each gluey area.  We shook the extra sand off & … [Read more...]

Week 22 – Math

Math - Commutative LawWe watched this brief video about the commutative law for addition before using ourselves to become the problem. Each of my guys represented a letter & we switched the order around a few times to discover if we would still have 3 guys each time we added them up.  Of course, no matter the order, we … [Read more...]