Pottery Barn Knockoff – DIY Valentine’s Day Chairbacker


I saw  Valentine’s Day Envelope Chairbackers similar to these years ago in a Pottery Barn catalog. Adorable, but more money than I could spend for them. I figured out a DIY which was so fun and easy to do. My littles have loved them now for more than a few years, so I’m super glad I made the effort. Even though they are white, they’ve held up just great over the years and having them on our chairs has been a great use of space.



White thread
Red thread
Sewing machine
Hot glue
Red felt – 1 9×12 sheet for each chairbacker
White felt – 2 9×12 soft felt sheets, 1 9×12 stiff felt sheet (not sticky) for each chairbacker



1. Cut a triangular shape opening on the long side of one felt sheet.
2. Cut a large triangle sized a bit larger than the opening on a second felt sheet to allow for overhang and your envelope to close.
3. Pin all three pieces together to form an envelope. Use stiff piece of felt for back of envelope.  Stitch on all four sides making sure to keep envelope flap hanging open (unsewn).
4. Draw or trace a heart onto red felt. Cut out heart. Glue heart to envelope flap using hot glue. Be sure no hot glue touches envelope or it will glue shut.
5. Cut two strips of the same size from red felt. Be sure the pieces are long enough to tie around your chairs and make sure they are relatively wide, because felt can get thinner as it is stretched. My pieces are about ten inches. Sew or hot glue to top of envelope. I hot glued them and they have held just fine.


Notes: If you’re making multiple chairbackers, be sure to cut various pieces at one time to ensure they’ll all be the same size when you’re done. If your chairs are smaller, you can adjust the size of the envelope by cutting or folding felt sheets. It just worked out for me that the standard size of felt sheets worked perfectly for our chairs.

It’s possible you could use stiff sheets of felt for all pieces and ribbon for the ties, but since I haven’t tried those I’m simply sharing the way I made them. And they have lasted just great! 

Ta-da! You’re done. Tie them onto your chairs and start sharing sweet notes. Now wasn’t that easy to make some adorable Valentine’s Day decor you’ll use year after year? If any steps I shared weren’t quite clear, please let me know! I’d love to help.


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