The Best Family Games

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In our family, we have children ages 5 – 14. Finding games we all enjoy playing together can be tricky, especially with a non-reader in the group. But, thankfully, over the years we have formed quite a collection of favorites. Playing them together are some of my most favorite moments. Here they are:

Q-Bitz and Q-Bitz Jr. – With little pattern cubes, you race to match a pattern on a card. Using both versions our whole family can play at once.

Quick Cups – This & Dr. Eureka are also pattern racing games. The little guys can be fast, but it’s still challenging for the older ones.

Dr. Eureka

Uno – This is a classic that our family still loves playing. My youngest loves playing War too. I’m thinking of getting different fun decks of playing cards for stocking stuffers this year since they’ve started liking solitaire.

Slapzi – This requires some reading, but we’ve made it work with just one person reading the card aloud. My youngest loves it & can win, so I know he doesn’t feel disadvantaged.

Snappy Dressers – The illustrations are part of what charmed me with this game, but it is also so fun! Every card matches each card in one way. It’s a very fast moving game.

Sequence – I linked the Sequence for Kids game, but the regular version can be played by everyone too.

Topple – This game from my childhood is easy & fun for all.

Outfoxed – A little bit of strategy is required in this cooperative Who-dun-it game.

Dog Pile is the version we have, but Cat Stax was the only one I could find on Amazon, so I linked it instead. – This is actually pretty darn hard as you go, but the blocks make it fun.

Zitternix – This is a pretty wooden game that reminds me of pick-up sticks, but a little trickier.

Animal Upon Animal – Another pretty wooden game, which requires balance and is a group game, but the pieces can also just be played with alone.

Zingo – We just played this one today, and it’s a quick, easy bingo style game.

Match a Track , Bird Bingo, and Butterfly Wings are all educational versions of classic matching and bingo games with lovely illustrations. Bird Bingo is especially enjoyable for my youngest to play with his bird-loving grandad.

Tenzi – This is the game all my kiddos are playing in the picture above. There are lots of ways to play & since it’s luck not skill based, it makes it less competitive, which is something my family often needs.

Story Cubes – These illustrated dice are the perfect imagination starter for story telling. They’re little, so they pack small and are great for road trips.

If you have some family favorites, I’d love to hear about them. Please share!

{These are affiliate links, which cost you no more to order through, but help support my family and my efforts to share ideas here. If you order through these, my family thanks you SO much. It is easy for you, and such a blessing to us.}

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