Our Favorite Animal Books for Preschoolers



Guys, seriously so many good books in this world! I get so excited when I find some we love and I love sharing them with you. Here are some books we love reading that just so happen to teach us great things about animals. They’re like science in a storybook.

1. I Love My Daddy, Because… – In beautiful drawings of daddy animals caring for their babies, real animal behavior is described in this board book. It’s endearing and educational. You might even enjoy hearing your littles cheer for how their daddies care for them in the same ways.

2. I Love My Mommy, Because… – We all know how human mommies care for their babies, but how about the animals? Daddies and Mommies have different jobs in the animal kingdom and this book highlights the moms’ work.

3. Babies On The Go – Animals don’t have strollers or Ergos to carry their babies, so how do they get around? It’s fascinating to read how many different ways animals can cart their babies around so they’re never left in danger.



4. God’s Palette – We have five of these books each highlighting five things found in nature in primarily one of these colors: Yellow, Orange, Blue, Purple, and Red. But, don’t think you’re just getting standard zoo animals. Far from it! For example, Yellow starts with a duckling, but also includes a Yellow-Blotched Map Turtle and an Ambush bug among its five. Each page also includes an interesting fact or two about the animal or bug it’s featuring and a realistic painting of the creature.

5. Is Your Mama A Llama? – At first glance, this book might not seem to teach much about animals. But, if you read each animal describe their mama you’re reminded to look closely and learn lots. If our littles learn to look closely at such a young age, it’ll help them observe in detail when they start employing the scientific method in their study.

My nearly two year old loves each of these books and asks to read them regularly. But, I think they are great for babies right up through 5 years old. A baby can flip through and enjoy the pictures without the words and a new reader can learn so much by reading independently. But I bet if I started reading any of these to my younger two, my bigger boys would crowd around too. Opening a book and drawing a crowd is one of my favorite perks of homeschooling. 🙂

Well, I hope you pick up these books to read soon. If you have a budding animal lover who has found some favorite books, please share! We’d love to check them out.


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