Cycle Two – Week Sixteen

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History – Draw or trace a black lined map.  Color in the areas where Germany invaded.  Look in our Kingfisher History Encyclopedia to read about the world wars.

English – Practice memorizing the definition of a verb through motions.

Latin – Continue using the story prompts to review the Latin endings.

Science – I’m a little nervous to try this experiment, but it should work. Maybe I’ll hope for warm weather (or at least no snow), so we can do it outside.  More than likely, I’ll just be brave and try it inside. 🙂

Math – The area of a rectangle is easy and fun to show with graph paper.  We’ll draw some rectangles, count the area out, and recite the memory work.

Geography – More chocolate chip map marking for us!

Fine Arts – Continue using our artist flashcards to review our new artist for the week.  Last week, we read the biographical information on the back of the artist card and looked on our wall map for their birthplaces.  I’m impressed by how comfortable my boys are with the world map already.  Anytime we encounter somewhere (reading, review, etc), they love to find it.  Geography is not a strong suit of mine, so I love seeing their enthusiasm for it! 

We’re definitely encountering some ugly parts of history in these last few weeks.  My little scholars are too young for many of the conversations that will come in future years, but I’m sure many of you are beginning them now.  Mind if I ask, what resources are you using to begin the conversations? Do you have any go-to books for going beyond the facts? If so, please share in the comments! 


  1. Anonymous says

    Twenty and Ten by Bishop & Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes by Coerr are gentle introductions into the horrors of WWII

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