Cycle Two – Week Seventeen

History – We’re going to review history with geography this week by tracing or blobbing the countries of the ally and axis leaders in different colors.  I’d say blue and red, but my boys will probably each pick two of their favorite colors.  🙂

English – We’ll simply chant the definition of a noun three times or more for review.  If the boys are interested, they’ll add in the hand motions they’ve learned in CC.  Sometimes, they like them, sometimes not, and I’m okay with that!

Latin – I’ve created cards on Quizlet for the first time. I’m going to give my boys a chance to review on there to see how they like it.  Generally speaking, if it’s on the computer they think it’s fun, no matter how basic.  

Science – Read our Classical Acts & Facts Science card for the week to have a better understanding of Newton’s Second Law of Motion and complete this simple experiment.  

Math – Draw squares on graph paper to see how the area of a square equation works.

Geography – Blob & mark. 🙂 I’ve noticed that asking my boys to quiz each other works great for geography.  It keeps them all a bit more focused and they just love to show each other what they know.

Fine Arts – If time allows, we’ll repeat this week’s art technique while reviewing our artists.  We all love the art time CC provides & the masterpieces they bring home each week!

Have y’all been watching the olympics? How helpful has it been to know some European geography while watching the olympics? I’ve been so impressed by how much my littles have retained from this year’s geography memory work.  They’ll hear a country’s name and find it on an unmarked map! They have confidence with geography, which is something I’ve never had. I’ve been learning it alongside them and it’s fun for me too.  


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      Thanks, Hailey! I try to post ahead of our schedule too, but sometimes fall a little farther behind than I plan. We’re entering week 21 this week!

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