The View from Here – Our Memory Master Day

HE DID IT! My biggest little is a memory master!

Yesterday was our campus’ memory master test day.  The view from here was like this…  

We started with a homemade breakfast of brain food.  With a 10:30 testing time slot, we had plenty of time for a relaxing start to our day.  On the drive there, I tried to relate the testing to sports.  (We’re big sports fans!) I said, “You’ve been training for a while and now it’s game time. It’s kind of like the World Series of CC.”  His response, “Yeah, but it’s not.” Ah well, I tried.  

My pep talk aside, he entered the room eagerly and with confidence, so excited the long-awaited and prepared for day had finally arrived.

At first, I nervously stood outside his room listening to him recite the Latin declensions and complete half of the geography.  (Please tell me I’m not the only one who did that??)

Realizing how silly that was, I distracted myself with coffee and friends (other waiting moms!).  It wasn’t long until he was being brought back to me in the “hold room” to wait for his director proof.  His tutor testers said he did great and didn’t hesitate for one answer.  The director proof also went great.  It was exciting to see him test so well! 

After everyone’s testing was completed, the memory masters enjoyed an ice cream celebration and goof-off time. So good for them after all that work!

My guy was among 4 other memory masters from his class.  Their tutor is extraordinary and a large reason for their success as memory masters. 

We returned home to find our school room decorated with congratulations by daddy.  My words-of-encouragement guy really appreciated that!

& finally, we celebrated with dinner out as a family at the place of his choosing – a japanese hibachi restaurant.  Super yummy & super fun ending to a great, great day!

Questions about memory masters? Let me know! I’ll answer as best I can.


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    Congratulations! My son made memory master this year as well. And no, you’re not the only one who listened in for a while. I was definitely more nervous than my son.

    • says

      Thanks, Danisha! Congrats to you & your son too! : ) It definitely feels like an accomplishment for the parents too, right?

  2. says

    I am a tutor this coming year…my first year tutoring. Please tell me details as to why you say his teacher is so awesome. I want my parents to say that about me, but more importantly that they see God glorified thru me!

    • says

      Hmmm….let’s see. With the littles, she’s enthusiastic, animated, fun, gracious, and so kind. She’s also organized and prepared each week. She’s really keyed in during CC time and provides great boundaries for the kids, so the classroom never feels out of control or off the rails. Does that help? She’s also a super godly woman who is so good to the other moms.

      • Jessica says

        Makes perfect sense! What does she do to help the other moms (be good to you all)? I used to teach. . .so teaching doesn’t scare me…..just the thought of all these mama bears watching every move I make. I’m a little worried about that. 🙂 We have four kiddos, but only 1 of mine will be in my room.

        • Beth Watson says

          Don’t think of them as mama bears! 😉 I’m always so excited to be in the classroom & learn from the tutor! If you’ve been a teacher, I’m sure you’ll be a great example for them to learn from. I’d say overall she’s just super gracious to the moms. When my son was having a tough day, she was understanding & loving with him and with me, rather than critical or harsh. She frequently praised him to me & in really genuine ways, pointing out his strengths. She also included us moms & requested our help in class, which I personally really like. I hate to feel like I’m just a spectator, you know?

          • Jessica says

            Yes. . .I am really struggling if I made the right decision. I am a teacher, but not a drill sergeant. The more I read negative about CC and the tutors who aren’t really “trained” the more doubt I feel. I know I will mispronounce words in Latin. I know nothing about Latin. I’m just spending today in prayer and asking God if I made the right decision. I just want to do His will, not make mine. Sorry to ramble to you. 🙂

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