The View From Here – BOOM! Moments

 While doing his saxon math today, my biggest little was completing a new problem for him.  After he finished, he said, “Hey, commutative law.”  BOOM! 

While reviewing all of the geographical points from cycle one today, in one sitting, my biggest little was acing them all from memory.  BOOM! 

From the math memory work, he was able to identify a mathematic law by name, when it was not named for him.  Awesome.  He was able to navigate maps with ease from memory, while I needed the key.  Amazing.

After completing the map review, he said, “I can do it.  This is getting easier.” He was referring to all the memory review and I concurred with his relief.  I knew he could do it.  I knew it would get easier.  But, the hard work comes first and he was getting weary of it.  He needed to experience this first hand & today he did.  BOOM!

& this is WHY we do WHAT we do HOW we do it.  Seeing the goals achieved through the model you’ve selected.  Wow.  BOOM!

If I could, I would give you each a high five as you celebrated your BOOM moments! Look for them, they are surely there.

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