What We're Doing – Week 24 Links & Ideas

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History – Starting here, we’re going to view artwork about Napoleon to see what we can learn about him from the images.   

Latin – As I’ve said before, I like to keep our Latin review simple and repetitive, so we’re going to review Latin like this again.  It’s been working great!

English – I think we’ll revisit our train cars from week 13 to write some linking verb sentences.  

Math – At this point, the math sentences are getting a little heavy for my young ones.  Reading this article about using math conversationally by CC blogger Jennifer Courtney was such an encouragement to me to keep going! 

So, for this week, I’ll write each part of the equation on an index card.  I’ll lay out the equation for review.  Then I’ll mix them up and ask my littles to place the cards in the correct order.    

Science – Use two popsicle sticks glued together to form a cross; write latitude across the horizontal stick and longitude on the vertical stick.  (Have you seen this image on pinterest?)  We’ll spend time finding the markings on our globe. 

The coordinate worksheet I shared for week 21 could be used this week instead; might even be a better fit!  Since we didn’t get around to it for week 21, we’ll do it this week.

Geography – Return here for South American resources, including book lists. And of course, review the locations on our CC maps.

Fine Arts – Listen and learn more about Mozart here.

If you want a handy way to learn about more composers, check out the FREE printable composer cards found here.  

Can y’all believe it? Week 24! I’m excited to finish this year out and enjoy our spring/summer plans, but I’m also feeling the pull to start planning for next year.  For now, I’ll resist it and enjoy some time just slowing down with my crew.  How about you? Are you excited to start planning for next year or eager for some time off? Maybe a bit of both? : ) 


  1. Anonymous says

    Hi, I haven’t read through all of your posts, but I was trying to find out…do you participate in a CC Community in your area, or just do CC at home as your Blog Name implies? Either way, thanks for sharing your CC ideas.

    • says

      I do participate in a weekly community! I also do CC at home in teaching and reinforcement. All of our studies are designed around the CC memory work, so I use the blog to share how we do CC at home.

    • Anonymous says

      Thanks for answering that! As I mentioned, I didn’t look at all of your posts, but I didn’t see anything about particpating in a CC Community mentioned, so I was just curious!

  2. says

    Thank you so much for sharing! I’m not (and never will be) a homeschooler – I’m a single mom working full-time as an assistant principal at a large middle school. My daughter is 9 and attends public school full-time. HOWEVER – I’ve felt the need to supplement what she’s learning at school; I’ve recently learned the term “afterschooling” to refer to those of us who do schoolwork at home after school is over. I’ve recently started CC Cycle 1 with my daughter – I LOVE it and so does she. One night as we finished up she told me, “I don’t want to stop yet, my brain isn’t full!” We’re on Week 4, doing everything except the Latin, and will continue through the summer evenings on Cycle 1 while she’s out of school but I continue to work. I’m winging it one week at a time using the Foundations guide and the Acts & Facts cards. Your resources are awesome and very helpful as I start this journey.

    • says

      I’ve also recently become acquainted with the term “afterschooling!” I think it’s great what you’re doing & that your daughter is so receptive to working hard. : ) Keep up the great work, mama!

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