What We're Doing – Week 17 Links & Ideas

History – I hope you love this find as much as I do.  It’s a quick history of the Aztecs in pictures for your littles to cut & assemble. We are also going to grind up some corn kernels and make hot chocolate to discuss daily life of the Aztecs.   And maybe take the leftover corn kernels to pop some popcorn! 

Latin – copywork.  surprised? 🙂

English – Continue with our helping verb short story making, while using our homemade laminated train cars.

Science – Complete this worksheet about parts of the volcano. 

Use our miniature volcano model to create an eruption (similar to this, but much smaller).   

Math – First we’ll hunt around our home for smallish square shaped items.  Next we’ll trace these items onto graph paper.  (If we don’t find enough, we’ll sketch out some squares of various sizes.) Finally, we’ll calculate the area of the square items by adding the square units of the graph paper inside the traced lines of each square item.  By then squaring the length of the sides, we’ll show that the answer is the same!  

Geography – Trace the locations on our enlarged laminated CC maps.  Another mom at our campus had them made in bulk for any interested parents.  I think it was $8 for each map.  Such a great idea! I use the trivium tables sold by CC and they use the larger maps (pictured above).  I still need the labels, they do not! 

I *hope* to find some of these books at our local library.  Otherwise, I’m a sucker for good books and will probably quickly order one from amazon

Fine Arts –  Another book to throw in my amazon cart? Definitely a possibility!  

Also we’ll paint like Michelangelo did on the Sistine Chapel! I’ve read this can be a bit messy, so to minimize the mess, we’ll 1) use washable paints, 2) paint with the tile floor underneath of us, 3) wear messy paint clothes, and 4) have goggles/glasses at the ready for the more sensitive among us.  But, doesn’t this look fun? I think it’ll be a hit!

What are you planning for week 17? 

(I should probably mention that I just love using amazon because of its convenience.  None of these are affiliate links or anything like that!)


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    Could you tell me more about the picture of your CC maps above? Did you enlarge them in color and laminate them? If so, any tips/pointers? I noticed some other posts that contained images of different maps, but I haven’t located a post where you describe what you did to make them, or if you are using them creatively in any way in addition to your CC Geography. Thanks!

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      Hi Cheri! So, the smaller map is sold by Classical Conversations. It’s called the Geography Trivium Table. It’s folded & has marked & unmarked versions of the areas we’re learning this year. A friend of mine had the unmarked/blank versions color copied, enlarged & laminated. There are two sides to the map. I can ask her for more details to share with you. Get back to you ASAP!

      Oh & we review our geography in a few ways: tracing our maps with wet erase markers, “blob” drawing,and marking the locations with chocolate chips or other small candy (then eating them after!). & of course, we memorize the geography location names. I hope this helps!

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      Cheri, here are the details straight from my friend Sarah! She is quick!! : )

      ~I used the files from CC Connected (they are called “Map – Africa 20×30” and “Map – World 20×30”)
      ~The maps were printed at Costco on photo paper – 12×18.
      ~The maps were $2.99, so for both maps plus the cost to laminate them back to back the total was around $8.

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      Thanks, Crecia! Do you have a family or homeschool subscription? I messaged the company to see what the difference is in resources provided, since there is a difference in cost.

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