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Over the summer, we’ve taken trips to a few places nearby that corresponded to events or places we learned about in cycle 3.  We still have a few more on our wish list, but we’re running out of time!  How about you? Any fun summer travel trips taken or planned? 

p.s. – Don’t you just love Brandy’s idea of traveling to 50 States Before They Graduate? I think we’ll make that one of our goals!


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    We need to get up there one of these days. That’s great you were able to do it this summer after cycle 3. 50 states before they graduate is a lofty goal but it sure would be great!

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    Wouldn’t that be great? We had fun in Boston & Plymouth. We’re still hoping to hit Ellis Island before the summer is over & maybe D.C. Although we might save D.C. for the fall….not sure yet. I want to take advantage of all the great places that are within driving distance of us here on the east coast!

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