What We're Doing – Week 7 Links

English – Preposition Song Video and Preposition Motions – Slowed Down & by Week

Geography – (free! printable!) Indus River Valley Flashcards with Photos

– Indus River Valley Civilization Info

Fine Arts – (free! printable!) Music Theory Notebook

Well, here in the Northeast, we’re hunkering down in anticipation of Hurricane Sandy arriving tomorrow.  Our preparations are done (including chocolate chip cookies baked!) and we’re hoping for the best.  Personally, I’m looking forward to a couple days rained in with comfy clothes to wear and books to read! But, because of this impending storm, our CC community day will be cancelled for this week.  Which, will probably put our campus at least 2 weeks behind some of you.  So, I’m planning to prepare the next few weeks of What We’re Doing posts to share tonight.  Of course, there are other ideas that we’ll be doing and I’ll share those as we go.  

Update: Added second preposition song video; it has the same motions, but slowed down and divided by week with captions for easier learning.  

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