The View From Here – Watching Them Learn

First we watched the video about the associative law of addition, then I demonstrated it with our plastic math animals.  My oldest understood it quickly (really, he's the only one who should) and asked to demonstrate it with their stuffies.  Then we watched a second video (boy, were they excited!).  This one about linking verbs. I … [Read more...]

The View From Here – New Pope Announced

As history unfolded before our eyes, we were given the chance to turn today's announcement of the new pope, Pope Francis I, into many impromptu lessons.  We reviewed our theology, Latin, geography, history, and flag recognition.The channel we were watching placed some of the first words spoken during the announcement on the screen in Latin and … [Read more...]

The View from Here – Fun Freedoms

Sometimes I get so caught up in the must dos of school that I forget about the fun freedoms that homeschooling affords us.  Like....playing in the mud in the middle of the day!Like...getting a mid day bath (following above mud play) and watching a video on moundbuilders while sitting around in snuggly bathrobes on your "bird nest" made of … [Read more...]

The View from Here

Do you remember this idea from week 18 links & ideas? My nephew, J.C., is a part of a CC campus in a different state that is ahead of my family at our campus.  After his mom provided the supplies and image from the week 18 links & ideas, J.C. independently made the ocean floor model pictured above.  Isn't it great? I … [Read more...]

The View from Here – For the Joy!

So, this guy was getting very frustrated during math.  He fussed a bit.  He wanted to quit.  True story - sometimes I want to fuss about and quit too.  Sometimes I do fuss about and quit.  In this moment, I encouraged him to pause, reevaluate the situation, and keep trying - to give his best.  I told him even if it's … [Read more...]

The View from Here – More Reading!

I have been desperately wanting to add in more reading time to our days, but I've often found the time too short.  Well, today, with all of our schooling have-to-dos checked off for the week, we (I) released some of our want-to-dos from the list in order to read (& snuggle!) more. Those want-do-dos were our fine art project for home … [Read more...]

How It's Going – Week 15

My guys were SO excited when I pulled out the google map of our neighborhood to complete our navigation activity.  From the word GO!, they were all in.  And it needs to be said that they excelled at this activity only because of skills they've either inherited or learned from their dad. & I'm so glad!We ran around the neighborhood … [Read more...]

The View From Here – Timeline Review

One of my guys has been so quiet during timeline review that I'm never quite sure what he knows.  But, this week we stumbled upon a solution! All 3 guys held a stuffed animal whose arms they moved to the motions of the timeline.  They were having so much fun that even my quiet guy was enthusiastically loud.  I realize this probably … [Read more...]

The View from Here – Community Day

We're on week 13 at our cc community day.  How fun was the art today? Mixing egg yolks with crushed chalk to make paint was so cool.  The little artists were all so diligent in their creativity.  I love seeing the different visions come from their minds to their papers.  Of course, we bring all their work home.  I've … [Read more...]

The View from Here – Photosynthesis

Today is our day to delve into the science memory work more at home.  So, we used our week 12 plans to learn more about photosynthesis.  I modified our plans a bit by having each of my guys draw a card in the photosynthesis sequence, rather than having me draw them in advance.  We read about the process in more detail, but … [Read more...]